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Renewable Energy Fact Check and News is a resource for journalists, policymakers and others engaged in the debate over clean and renewable energy. Its purpose is to educate, inform and share perspectives in real time.

To access click here: American Council on Renewable Energy

Potential for Renewable and 100% Renewable Energy: Country by Country Report

This website provides a bank of reports that assess different countries for their potential to achieve 100% renewable energy or at least a significant increase in renewable energy deployment.

To access click here: GENI

Policies and Measures Database

This website offer access to information on energy-related policies and measures taken or planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and support renewable energy development and deployment.

To access click here: REN21

The Solutions Project

This website offers an interactive experience that shows what benefits are available for every state in the USA that goes 100% renewable.

To access click here: The Solutions Project

IRENA Publications

This website has a wide variety of resources including: global and regional status reports, technology reviews, policy guides, co-benefit reports and raw data.

To access click here: IRENA

Renewable Energy Myths: 6 Myths Blown Away

This website groups together some of the most common myths about renewable energy, explaining why they are just that – myths that don’t stand up to reality.

To access click here: Greenpeace

REN21 Publications

This website has a wide variety of resources including: a range of renewable global status reports; renewable interactive map; renewables global futures report; a breakdown of renewables policies from around the w

To access click here: REN21

100% Renewables

This website is home to the 100% renewables campaign. It maps out communities, cities and organisations that have committed to 100%RE and provides a wide range of resources.

To access click here: Go100RE