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Beyond Coal

This report analyzes how can the region of Turuel, in Spain, turn from a coal-oriented area to a renewable energy one, underlining financial, socioeconomic and environmental aspects of the transition. It was published in November 2016 by Greenpeace Spain.

To access click here: Beyond Coal

Renewables Global Futures Report – REN 21

This is the REN 21 Renewables Global Futures Report published in 2017 including views from 114 renowned energy experts from around the world, on the feasibility and challenges of achieving a 100% renewable energy future.

To access click here: Renewables Global Futures Report

Morocco Solar Complex – Tasslmante’s New Neighbor

This case study highlights the best-practice elements and the lessons learned regarding the inclusion of local needs during the early stages of a major solar development in Morocco. To access click here: Germanwatch

To access click here: Germanwatch

The solution to the climate crisis: a just transition to 100% renewable energy for all by 2050

This report lays out the rationale behind the ongoing transition towards a universally accessible, affordable, and zero emissions energy system.

To access click here: Greenpeace

People’s Perception Study: Renewable Energy in India 2014

This report summarises the findings of two renewable energy surveys, one for individuals and the other for RE manufacturers. It includes findings on renewable energy awareness, levels of public acceptance, policy popularity and willingness to invest.   [LINK]

To access click here: WWF

Renewables for Lifestyle Shift: A User-Friendly Booklet on Renewable Energy Applications in India

This booklet is for offices, residential societies, individuals and institutions that are interested in installing or using RE technologies. It provides details on technology, cost, subsidy, space requirement, application market, etc, of 17 renewable energy solutions.

To access click here: WWF

Enabling Women’s Development and Empowerment Through Access to Clean, Affordable, Sustainable Energy

This report presents the argument that increasing renewable energy deployment is beneficial for gender equality and womens rights.

To access click here: Mary Robinson Foundation

The Climate Has Changed: Why Bold, Low Carbon Action Makes Good Business Sense

This report demonstrates that bold action on climate change makes good business sense. Analysis of CDP data reveals that companies are already achieving good internal rate of returns from their low carbon investments. It also highlights that longer-term policy is needed to help companies do more.

To access click here: We Mean Business

RE100: The Journey To 100%

This report provides a snapshot of current global trends in corporate demand for, and investment in, renewable power. Made up of case studies from RE100 corporate partners, the briefing showcases the most popular renewable power technologies, and which industries are the biggest investors with the best financial returns.

To access click here: The Climate Group

The Business Case for Off-Grid Energy in India

This report prepared by The Climate Group, in partnership with Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets, is a flagship study that identifies promising off-grid energy business models in India with the greatest potential for scale-up.

To access click here: The Climate Group