100% Renewable Energy, Zero Poverty, Are You In?

The brand new report and video showcase how going 100% renewable tackles poverty and boosts development, capturing colourful examples from Ecuador to Indonesia via Africa and the Middle East, featuring the stories of diverse champions including city mayors, villager leaders and business experts.

Denise Restoule’s Story (Dokis First Nation, Canada)

The story of a Chief who led her First Nations Community to a 100% renewable reality that is helping to preserve their cultural identity, increase energy security and create a stronger economy.

Gregor Robertson’s Story (Vancouver, Canada)

The story of a City Mayor who pioneered a city-wide 100% renewable energy policy to guarantee a resilient economy, strong communities and energy security.

Sulis Setiawati’s Story (Island of Sumba, Indonesia)

The story of an islander who helped a range of diverse stakeholders to agree on a 100% renewable vision for a resilient economy and increased energy access.

Godfrey Kime’s Story (Kasese, Uganda)

The story of a City Mayor who instigated and oversees a district-wide 100% renewable energy project to boost energy access and protect cultural identity.

Kingumohanti Koteshwaro Patnaik’s Story (Andhra Pradesh, India)

The story of a grassroots coordinator who supported indigenous communities on a journey to 100% renewable energy that has boosted energy access and energy security.

Steve Howard’s Story (The Hague, Netherlands)

The story of the Chief Sustainability Officer at Ikea Group who has overseen a period of massive investment in renewable energy – as part of a plan for the business to go 100% renewable – to build a responsible, resilient business.

Larry Cantwell’s Story (East Hampton, USA)

The story of a town supervisor who rallied his town to create resilient communities and boost energy security by setting out to go 100% renewable.

Marjina Begum’s Story (Khulna District, Bangladesh)

The story of a villager who catalysed local communities around 100% renewable homes to boost energy access and improve womens’ rights.