Here are some fact sheets that you can use to describe the benefits of a just transition to renewable energy.

Economic and Social Development

The renewable energy industry is well known to drive investment, sectoral growth and job creation even during periods of global recession. The spread of renewable energy leads to social and economic development around the world in diverse communities.   Hot spot for investment Renewable energy is a growth sector that attracts significant public and private […]

Food Security

Today 805 million people around the world are chronically undernourished, lacking physical, social and economic access to a stable, nutritious food supply[1]. Since June 2010, rising food prices have resulted in an additional 44 million people living in extreme poverty in low and middle-income countries[2]. People living without access to electricity and sustainable energy sources, […]

Energy Security

For every country, maintaining a secure and constant supply of energy is a vital part of keeping the economy running. This naturally makes energy security a top priority for all governments. Most countries are dependent on fossil fuel imports – a situation which makes their energy supply insecure in times of political unrest. Instead of […]

Energy Access

Renewable energy is the key to providing reliable power to the 1.4 billion people who lack access to electricity around the world – especially those living in rural and/or economically developing regions[1]. Boosting access to electricity by harnessing renewable energy is vital to ending poverty. It can facilitate social and economic development, offering opportunities for […]

Public Health

Securing a future that is powered by renewable energy can help to improve public health around the world. More renewable energy will reduce the serious health impacts of the fossil fuel and carbon intensive industries. Boosting our renewable energy supply will also reduce the impacts of climate change and their associated health burden.   Renewable […]