Here are some guides that you can use to help deliver a renewable energy campaign.

100% RE Toolkit

This toolkit is an expanded and more in-depth version of the Starter Guide, also available on this website. With this online material, you’ll learn (even more) about all the steps needed to develop a campaign and get your target to support the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world. Because we deeply believe everyone […]

100% Renewable Energy Starter Guide

Want to start your own campaign to get your city / local business / university / to transition to 100% renewable energy? Look no further. This campaign-starter guide provides ideas and inspiration for people considering joining the global movement helping to achieve a world powered by 100% renewable energy. It is designed to help you […]

Creating the right conditions for renewables

Approximately 3 billion people around the world live with erratic or no access to electricity. Proper renewable energy programs could help boost the provision of flexible, reliable and affordable energy to everyone.[1] As the costs fall and technologies improve, renewable energy is increasingly the cheapest and most effective source of new electricity.[2] Here we take […]